Thursday, January 7, 2010

UK Snow - Some Peculiar Sights

Twitter has been buzzing about it, politicians have been denying it, the Americans have been invading it, the Larger Hadron Collider has been accelerating balls of it towards other balls of it, Rolf Harris has been singing about it, journalists can't shut up about it and magicians can't make it disappear. What is it?

UK SNOW! UK SNOW! UK SNOW! Heaps of the stuff, more than for 20 years.

Some strange sights
Dog sled:

Hardcore professional cyclist

(in the middle of nowhere, riding very slowly and looking very puffed.)

A forlon and depressed swimming pool. (Ever feel like this?)

Can you read the signs in the snow...?

...that's right, a boy bird was walking towards a girl bird's house to declare his love, and then chickened out and turned back home!


Rachel and I walked to Thornbury Castle and were inspired by these snowmen:
We both started making big snow balls.

The snow man we each made tells you A LOT about our personalities.

Here is my one:


Both together:

In other news, Rachel had a sip of water from a bottle of only slightly smaller than herself.

In other news, we walked across the Severn bridge with my uncle and saw a gorgeous sunset.

In other news, I would like to announce, here at, a new invention! You fancy a boiled egg or two for breakfast, do you? But you don't have an egg cup, ay? Not a problem! Put two bits of toast on top of each other and dig two egg cups into them with a spoon. As you eat the eggs, eat your way through the toast! See below: ingenious!

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darcymoore said...

Hi Steve (on tour),

I've really enjoyed following your adventures, via twitter, often being a little green with envy. I lived in the UK for a couple of years but never made it to the Lake District. I know it is cliched, but I 'd love to explore and talk there, like WW and STC, knowing that walking is a natural metre, of course.